t-Series Range Flavor Map - DILMAH TEA

A collection of teas that celebrate the individuality and taste of tea from estates around the world known only for their excellence. Teas that are so different that there is a t for your every mood –taken hot or iced, as a t-Shot, cocktail or mocktail Teas that help you relax, teas that invigorate, teas that calm and teas that enhance life. Indulgent, chic, elegant, the finest teas the world has to offer.

Body Key Body
Light Medium Heavy
Aftertaste Key Aftertaste
Short Medium Long
Smooth SUBTLE & SILKY RICH & REFINED Coarse AUSTERE & ASTRINGENT AMPLE & STRUCTURED Delicate SUBTLE & SILKY AUSTERE & ASTRINGENT Strong AMPLE & STRUCTURED RICH & REFINED Pure Peppermint White Litchee No.1 Hand Rolled Tea Rooibos Pure Natural Organic Tie Guan Yin Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea The First Ceylon Oolong Green Tea With Jasmine Flowers Pure Chamomile Flowers Organic Ceylon Green Tea Naturally Minty Ceylon Pekoe Single Estate Oolong Leaf Tea Pu-Erh No.1 Leaf Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate Peach Nuwara Eliya Pekoe Prince Of Kandy Pure Peppermint Leaves Rosemary and Peppermint Ceylon Whole Leaf Green Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea Mango and Strawberry Galle District Op1 Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Tea Mediterranean Mandarin The First Ceylon Souchong Keemun Special Leaf Supreme Ceylon Origin Organic Rooibos With Bourbon Vanilla Lapsang Souchong Single Estate Darjeeling Organic Ceylon Flowery Pekoe Dombagastalawa Single Estate Fbop Vanilla Ceylon Tea Natural Rosehip With Hibiscus Italian Almond Tea Ceylon Young Hyson Green Tea Rose With French Vanilla Single Estate Assam Natural Ceylon Ginger Tea The Original Earl Grey Sencha Green Extra Special Brilliant Breakfast