Silver Jubilee Range Flavor Map - DILMAH TEA

Dilmah tea had made a mark with its fresh, single origin, 100% pure Ceylon tea. However, we needed to produce something spectacular to celebrate 25 years infused in the goodness of Dilmah tea. To explore its diverse varieties whilst remaining true to its origins, and giving this 5000 year old herb a touch of the 21st century whilst embracing the time of its ancestors. Introducing the Silver Jubilee Gourmet range, a fitting celebration for the tapestry of tea Dilmah has woven across over two decades. Revel in the flavours of Blood Orange & Eucalyptus, Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe and Pure Darjeeling Singe Region Tea.

Body Key Body
Light Medium Heavy
Aftertaste Key Aftertaste
Short Medium Long
Smooth SUBTLE & SILKY RICH & REFINED Strong AMPLE & STRUCTURED RICH & REFINED Coarse AUSTERE & ASTRINGENT AMPLE & STRUCTURED Delicate SUBTLE & SILKY AUSTERE & ASTRINGENT Organic Leafy Green Nuwara Eliya Afternoon Earl Grey Ceylon Full Leaf Green Elderflower and Apple Pure Chamomile Flowers Mandarin and Marzipan Pekoe Ceylon Rose and Mint Almond Infused Ceylon Pekoe Moroccan Mint Ceylon Tea with Strawberry Pure Darjeeling Single Region Tea CeylonOriginal Breakfast Jasmine Green Ceylon Ginger Honey & Mint Blood Orange and Eucalyptus Natural Infusion of Blueberry Organic Sencha