Exceptional Range Flavor Map - DILMAH TEA

The Dilmah Exceptional teas and infusions offer handpicked teas and herbal infusions which are selected for their quality, fragrance and character. Gourmet Ceylon black and green teas, herbal infusions in deliciously different combinations. All are exceptional, forming together a contemporary and indulgent selection that fuse the 5,000 year history of tea and herbs with 21st century taste and style.

Body Key Body
Light Medium Heavy
Aftertaste Key Aftertaste
Short Medium Long
Smooth SUBTLE & SILKY RICH & REFINED Strong AMPLE & STRUCTURED RICH & REFINED Coarse AUSTERE & ASTRINGENT AMPLE & STRUCTURED Delicate SUBTLE & SILKY AUSTERE & ASTRINGENT Pure Chamomile Flowers Lime and Orange Fusion Perfect Ceylon Gentle Minty Green Berry Sensation Ceylon Green Peppermint with Ceylon Cinnamon Valley of the Kings Ceylon Pekoe Acai Berry Pomegranate Arabian Mint with Honey Aromatic Earl Grey Fragrant Green Italian Almond Elegant Earl Grey Peppermint with English Toffee Lemon Verbena Ceylon Spice Chai Maharajah Reserve Assam Rose with French Vanilla