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Dilmah School of Tea 2019 February session will be held from 6th to 10th of February 2019 in Sri Lanka


  • The Story Behind Your Cup of Tea
    Tea is a noble herb and requires a master’s touch to bring out its special qualities. The story of a life devoted to tea.
  • History of Tea & Tea Culture
    The heritage of this remarkable herb and its 5,000 year history.
  • Ethics In Tea
    Authenticity, quality and real tea can impact the lives of millions of tea industry workers in developing countries and on their Environment.
  • The Manufacture & Cultivation of Tea
    Real tea is made by a traditional method, and starts with two handpicked leaves and a bud.
  • Food Matching With Tea
    Tea gastronomy and the harmony of tea with cakes, pastries and savoury food.
  • Tea & Health
    Tea offers protective benefits against every chronic disease and is truly nature’s healing herb. Learn about the science behind the health benefits in tea.
  • Discovering Taste & Sensory Evaluation
    The aspect of terroir in tea offers tea aficionados an array of hues, aromas, flavours and textures in tea.
  • How To Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea
    Real tea, produced with expertise and love, requires care in brewing to produce a truly extraordinary tea experience.
  • Tea Mixology
    A tea for every mood and occasion; t-cocktails, t-mocktails, the art of making beverages with tea.
  • Profiling The Teas
    Presenting tea with expertise to enhance the appreciation of tea on the eye, nose & on the palate.
  • Advanced Sensory Evaluation
    Training the senses of sight, smell and taste and incorporating textures for better appreciation of tea.
  • Terroir Mapping
    Exploring the influence of terroir on the various nuances of tea.
  • Tea & Cheese
    Tea can help mellow the sharpness of cheese or bring out more flavors in cheese.
  • Train The Trainer
    Knowledge in tea paired up with the creativity of the participants to demonstrate their take on tea.

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Knowledge Inspires Passion at the 68<sup>th</sup> Dilmah School of Tea

Knowledge Inspires Passion at the 68th Dilmah School of Tea